Due to the recent spike in hashrate on only one pool we strongly encourage you to distribute your hashrate over all options available to secure the network!
p2pool is an alternative to traditional Pools and pays directly into your wallets - you wont have to wait for 520 confirms to withdraw the coins.

A recommended p2pool is http://cache.cyptoprojects.eu:8336
For p2pnodes please check: http://q30.qhor.net:8337/
Quick guide for mining on p2p can be found here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=400389.msg5187947#msg5187947

Block 11499
Proof of Stake; 0.123205 Coins generated

Previous Block0000000000055531d6ae0e616349be935dc95b602b3acb9c2b7220b6e89b02ed
Next Blockb37299b22f3683ef1e510b58cde482477786bf8573d787d892ab90d016d4c973
Transaction Merkle Rootf63ba44ad33ae40f6e1e23c036a3d8fa68bc8f9a6616297ac99047d3e687d383
Time1394092838 (2014-03-06 08:00:38)
Difficulty0.251 (Bits: 1d03fb9f)
Cumulative Difficulty128 843.074
Value out27.898205
Average Coin Age16.1526 days
Coin-days Destroyed900.120241
Cumulative Coin-days Destroyed68.4277%

TransactionFeeSize (kB)From (amount)To (amount)
8af56e2a2d...00.076POS Generation: 0.123205 TotalGenerated coins are sent in the next transaction
a7c9219773...00.224CUg1ihrexK395bEFqxTP8XqDky9zsFnGby: 27.775
CUg1ihrexK395bEFqxTP8XqDky9zsFnGby: 13.9491
CUg1ihrexK395bEFqxTP8XqDky9zsFnGby: 13.949105