Due to the recent spike in hashrate on only one pool we strongly encourage you to distribute your hashrate over all options available to secure the network!
p2pool is an alternative to traditional Pools and pays directly into your wallets - you wont have to wait for 520 confirms to withdraw the coins.

A recommended p2pool is http://cache.cyptoprojects.eu:8336
For p2pnodes please check: http://q30.qhor.net:8337/
Quick guide for mining on p2p can be found here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=400389.msg5187947#msg5187947

Block 11498
Proof of Work; 11.95 Coins generated

Previous Blockd2c8acc48cf335f5f6f8badf22ffbba8253db2acb6b041e22c5f179461996fba
Next Block3fa5651cc74a19b2ec09e313c8c5261afc492f91577ac34348185c5f30a16f98
Transaction Merkle Rootfab8ecbacc698426463b625aa15a1733c2104ed92ce1da4af268a733d4846f08
Time1394092837 (2014-03-06 08:00:37)
Difficulty83.791 (Bits: 1c030e22)
Cumulative Difficulty128 842.823
Value out11.95
Average Coin Age16.1564 days
Coin-days Destroyed0
Cumulative Coin-days Destroyed68.4203%

TransactionFeeSize (kB)From (amount)To (amount)
fab8ecbacc...00.137Generation: 11.95 TotalCbrCZqRMLNNAHyMpTAvK53uRUavU8AFDkt: 11.95