To connect to this P2Pool node simply point your miner at:

Username: Cachecoin Address
Password: Anything

GPU Miner:

./yacminer --scrypt -o -u CP8qRQAESbU6CqJvsjh2tCSZWLQnhQd3n3 -p asdf

CPU Miner:

./minerd -a scrypt-jane -O CP8qRQAESbU6CqJvsjh2tCSZWLQnhQd3n3:asdf -o


If you wish to manually control your pseudo-share difficulty outside of the range provided by the dynamic system you can do the following:

Cachecoin Address+0.00000116 x Hash Rate in KHash

For example for my R9 270x I use:
700 x 0.00000116 = 0.000812

The following are suggested targets for various hash rates if you want to grab one quickly:
KHash/s    Difficulty
  50       +0.00005821
 100       +0.00011641
 250       +0.00029103
 500       +0.00058207
 750       +0.00087310
1000       +0.00116414

P2Pool nodes

I recommend that you set at least two or more P2Pool nodes in your miner config as a backup, here are some:


Join #cachecoin on freenode to have a chat! :-)

Interface by hardcpp
P2Pool-Cach by Sykh
Node by donSchoe CP8qRQAESbU6CqJvsjh2tCSZWLQnhQd3n3 :-)